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Posted on 2018-10-10 by FrankW
Status: Work in Progress

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It's time for a FreeBSD port.

How much?

DevOps pipeline one-time setup - 118.319111376146 AEON Maintenance - 118.319111376146 AEON per release

Exchange rate used:


I'd like to setup CD/CI pipeline for AEON to maintain an amd64 freebsd pkg repository.


  • Create port - 1 day
  • Submit port ( possible revisions ) - ??? depends on the freebsd ports team

A quote from their porter handbook. "After submitting the port, please be patient. The time needed to include a new port in FreeBSD can vary from a few days to a few months. A simple search form of the Problem Report database can be searched at"


Once the the freebsd team accepts our contribution, everybody using freebsd on amd64 will be able to install the AEON binaries or compile the port themselves.

Why you?

Passionate FreeBSD veteran and automatization enthusiast.


  • Port is building successfully.
  • Port submitted to the FreeBSD team. Now awaiting confirmation or possible revisions.
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BigSlim 2018-12-28 15:22
I don't use FreeBSD so I can not check status of Port but here is the bug since you forgot to add it to this proposal: Has the port been completed? Edit: looks like it is not added yet:
shigutso 2018-10-16 14:21
Indeed, more Aeon availability is better!
BigSlim 2018-10-16 00:40
I would be for this package even though I do not use it. It will add to Aeon use-case which is important for community involvement and usage.
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