BigSlim 2019-02-08 01:53
****Update**** February 2, 2019: "Hi, a couple of comments below that would need to be addressed if this is to go into the tree. - Can you please format *_DEPENDS properly? Look at any other port for what this should look like. - Directly depending on security/openssl is wrong. Please use USES=ssl. - Directly depending on devel/pkgconf is wrong. It's already added via USES=pkgconfig anyway. - Having doxygen in BUILD_DEPENDS is problematic as it pulls in large dependencies. It would be better if this could be optional via a DOXYGEN option. What is doxygen used for here? Any way to disable it? - USES=ninja can be dropped. It's the default for USES=cmake now. - Drop GH_PROJECT. It's set to ${PORTNAME} by default. - Instead of GH_TAGNAME=v0.12.2.1, just set DISTVERSIONPREFIX=v - What does portlint -AC say? - What QA did you do? Any build tests in Poudriere or with another tool? Or a build with DEVELOPER=yes in /etc/make.conf? "

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