Enable MonerujoAE to make BTC payments integrating with aeonapi.com

Posted on 2018-10-13 by aeonapi
Status: Disabled
Target: 2000.0 AEON

This proposal is disabled.


Bitcoin is widely accepted coin, if we integrate BTC payments in the MonerujoAE wallet we should be able to broaden the Aeon adoption.

How much?

Monerujo developer should take two or three days of work for programming and testing.


Wallet will recognize BTC addresses and use aeonapi.com to make the payments. User will be able to make purchases using Aeon from his/her MonerujoAE wallet. Payments will be converted from AEON to BTC automatically.


Developer should take two or three days for the entire work. Tasks are basically porting and testing some code from original Monerujo wallet, which have already integration with xmr.to, plus the release of new apk. The aeonapi.com API was made to be mostly compatible with current (v2) xmr.to API. Work should start a few days after Monero scheduled network upgrade (Oct 18th) since developer have already allocated time to work on the Monero upgrade.


MonerujoAE version with seemless BTC payments.

Why you?

m2049r is known as the Monerujo and MonerujoAE wallets developer, he is the most capable developer for job :) He agreed to make the changes and I helped by making the proposal and will help during integration and tests since I am the owner of aeonapi.com.

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camthegeek [admin] 2020-09-01 13:12
Dead proposal. Moved funds to donation address. See 'Donate' in navigation. Closing.
BigSlim 2020-04-08 23:04
Any update on this? It has been over a year and now 6 months since fork and no updates.
aeonapi [op] 2019-02-22 23:39
Well, I have sent a ping message to m2049r to let him know the proposal is fully funded.
vp11 2019-01-27 17:50
I wonder if m2049r could find a way to make Monerujo work seamlessly with AEON. As in, a simple option in the Menu or somewhere so people can "switch" between Monero and AEON wallets without needing to download two different apps.
aeonapi [op] 2019-02-22 23:38
Cool idea.
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BigSlim 2019-01-27 01:50
100% funded! good work! Let's see if you can start the update process now and add in the AeonAPI to the platform so we can get some Android users moving forward!
m2049r 2018-10-29 21:49
i am looking forward to implementing this in addition to rebasing to the latest monerujo codebase as well as deploying it to google play. as soon as the next aeon hardfork is released.
camthegeek [admin] 2018-10-25 02:17
Now open for funding; donation sent. Let's push this forward community!
CarbonCG 2018-10-17 16:44
I support this proposal.
BigSlim 2018-10-16 00:45
If m2049r would like to participate in the community funding system for additions to his project, I believe that he should create a free account here which takes less than 5 minutes and create a proposal. I am for adding this enhancement to MonerujoAE (and possibly his base Monerujo) application as it adds use-case to the Aeon project as well as linking another use-case (aeon-api). I will only contribute if m2049r creates his own verified account and proposal.
aeonapi [op] 2018-10-16 14:25
I have sent an e-mail to m2049r asking him to endorse this proposal or to create one with his own account.
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vp11 2018-10-14 04:28
How do you intend to share the bounty with m2049r? What percentage would go for you and for m2049r?
aeonapi [op] 2018-10-15 15:15
Hi @vp11. I have no intent of keeping any AEON from this proposal. As a matter of fact, I would participate donating some Aeon should the proposal be accepted. The proposal's required amount is the exact amount developer asked for the job, I am only connecting him with the Aeon's funding system and community. As you all should have understood by now, I have built the aeonapi.com all without any funding. It took me some days of work (more than week of part job for sure), took me some money to put servers online as well as to fund the BTC payout wallets so I can 1) provide Aeon with good service and 2) make some profit in the future. For the reasons given I believe I should receive no funding for Aeon API, but I ask for help funding the MonerujoAE developer to integrate the service in his great mobile wallet and make Aeon more usable and adopted in the future.
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