Marketing Ideas for the Community Discord Server

Posted on 2018-10-20 by BMO-noire
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I'd like to see if we can increase the number of people joining our community Discord server (

I'm offering 2 AEON to any idea that might work, regardless of whether or not you personally carry out the idea. (I'll only be contributing to the first/best 8 ideas. Maybe others will add more to this fund if this has good results?)

Post your ideas in the comments below!


  • Please include your wallet address in your submission!
  • One submission per user?

I will send awards to the following users when they edit in a wallet address!

  • shigutso
  • vp11
  • Aluisyo
  • thriftyMinnow
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Aluisyo 2018-10-24 15:54
Make a YouTube video explaining how to join the community server and Also A brief intro About Aeon. Make Posts on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or other social media platform. Advertise the Advantages of Aeon over other Crypto Currencies Give some freebies to new users that join the Discord Channel e.g 0.001 free coins when you join. My Aeon Address: WmsMwPiVCn4VBvsvKSUjSobc3zVM2JNjqUU6xJW5pj7UJJzNY8k7wHg99Y8ixjhPRB5rcYCaSDf8f7eMxjqSyKtv1nxna3aac
BMO-noire [op] 2018-11-02 18:23
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anon 2018-10-23 22:42
Go to trade shows and give out decals ...
vp11 2018-10-23 01:37
1. Contact people from the Monero community directly -- Monero and AEON are somewhat related projects, but people from the Monero community doesn't really implicate with AEON. For a long time this was because the project was kinda left aside. Present them with the lively community on Discord and all the cool infrastructure that it's being developed and you got yourself some cool new members (and important ones too) to the group. ========================== 2. Create posts in a multitude of languages, to be published on Bitcoin Talk (they have international channels) and even Facebook groups about the AEON project. For that you would need something that will be written in point 3 below: ========================== 3. Create a nice infographic (like the one that Monero has, from briefly explaining the history of AEON, what the project aims to achieve, how smooth became the maintainer and how it's related to XMR. A "what is next" for AEON stating future objectives should also be included as this shows there's something to go on and advance for the project. ========================== 4. Create bounties. Create some gamification thing to reward bounties in AEON for people. Maybe something inspired on the TurtleCoin community where people have bounties everywhere to develop many random things. ========================== AEON Address: WmsKCfcB21peJcsGdc2bCV1dpUUpiUKqAhmPYLTyYfpEMtY3EPr7YEEKWRvWyVUvREhZ4wkGScMp8gR2caH4pQ8u1zXdpZ9JA
BMO-noire [op] 2019-01-09 20:17
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shigutso 2018-10-22 14:01
There's a dedicated Music section on the discord server, so maybe another entertainment section like Gaming would be cool, people could even play games together and bet their AEONs with escrow (bots or humans) and all, why not :) My AEON address: XnXsr927vPdE2PMHmNGb5jDqx2GH83xsZSE6iSBACE7W6z8CS5cTn1zR8WSjYkf3T7UZ1CNcawzmTiTsH4BD5Vpc24jVeaxh9
BMO-noire [op] 2019-01-09 20:18
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BMO-noire [op] 2018-10-24 15:46
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shigutso 2018-10-22 13:55
Bring aeonbux's gambling features (that are being shut down) to the Discord server
shigutso 2018-10-22 13:54
A bot that scans all pools and tells every time a rounded number block is found and by which pool (block 1000000, 1111111, 1234567, 1001000, so on) and that could be posted on #mining or #general just for a bit of fun
shigutso 2018-10-22 13:49
Not very important, but something to show that the community is alive, is a bot that sends a message to an exclusive text channel when a small pool (<10% network hashrate) finds a block. We used to have that on IRC, but it was a bit flooding (hence another text channel just for that).
thriftyMinnow 2018-10-21 03:05
How about a 6-month AEON Discord Community promotion, using a weekly prize give-away as the draw. There would be a weekly random selection of one registered Discord community member, and the selected member receives some amount of AEON as a prize? Some kind of app or bot, would need to be written, to select the winner each week. I am thinking something like the following would be fun: - To qualify for the weekly prize, you have to actually post at least 1 message in one of the "Community" topics or the "Productive Lobbies". These are the core interaction around the AEON project. Whether you post 1 message or 100, you get 1 entry into the week's drawing ... so equal chance of winning for any level of activity. - The AMOUNT of the prize is determined by your activity level during that week, maybe like this: 1 message posted = 0.5 AEON; 2 - 4 messages = 1.0 AEON; 5+ messages = 2.0 AEON. (This would encourage participation each week, but not to the extent of causing tons of spam messages ... post 5 one-liners over 7 days, and you would qualify for the highest prize.) This would have to be funded ahead, but 26 weeks would require at most 52 AEON for prize money. And maybe some AEON for the person who can write the random selection app. If enough AEON were donated for this cause, the prize amounts could be increased, which would provide a stronger incentive to sign up and participate in the Discord. - optionally, you could do something like a "grand prize" at the end of the 6 months, of a larger amount of AEON. This would be given to one of the 26 weekly winners, and selected by the Moderators (and can't be a moderator or Community Contributor), who has made the most valuable discussion contributions during the 6 month period. We would have to work out how the weekly prize payments are made since we don't collect wallet addresses from every discord member.
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