thriftyMinnow 2018-10-21 03:05
How about a 6-month AEON Discord Community promotion, using a weekly prize give-away as the draw. There would be a weekly random selection of one registered Discord community member, and the selected member receives some amount of AEON as a prize? Some kind of app or bot, would need to be written, to select the winner each week. I am thinking something like the following would be fun: - To qualify for the weekly prize, you have to actually post at least 1 message in one of the "Community" topics or the "Productive Lobbies". These are the core interaction around the AEON project. Whether you post 1 message or 100, you get 1 entry into the week's drawing ... so equal chance of winning for any level of activity. - The AMOUNT of the prize is determined by your activity level during that week, maybe like this: 1 message posted = 0.5 AEON; 2 - 4 messages = 1.0 AEON; 5+ messages = 2.0 AEON. (This would encourage participation each week, but not to the extent of causing tons of spam messages ... post 5 one-liners over 7 days, and you would qualify for the highest prize.) This would have to be funded ahead, but 26 weeks would require at most 52 AEON for prize money. And maybe some AEON for the person who can write the random selection app. If enough AEON were donated for this cause, the prize amounts could be increased, which would provide a stronger incentive to sign up and participate in the Discord. - optionally, you could do something like a "grand prize" at the end of the 6 months, of a larger amount of AEON. This would be given to one of the 26 weekly winners, and selected by the Moderators (and can't be a moderator or Community Contributor), who has made the most valuable discussion contributions during the 6 month period. We would have to work out how the weekly prize payments are made since we don't collect wallet addresses from every discord member.

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