vp11 2018-10-23 01:37
1. Contact people from the Monero community directly -- Monero and AEON are somewhat related projects, but people from the Monero community doesn't really implicate with AEON. For a long time this was because the project was kinda left aside. Present them with the lively community on Discord and all the cool infrastructure that it's being developed and you got yourself some cool new members (and important ones too) to the group. ========================== 2. Create posts in a multitude of languages, to be published on Bitcoin Talk (they have international channels) and even Facebook groups about the AEON project. For that you would need something that will be written in point 3 below: ========================== 3. Create a nice infographic (like the one that Monero has, from monero.how) briefly explaining the history of AEON, what the project aims to achieve, how smooth became the maintainer and how it's related to XMR. A "what is next" for AEON stating future objectives should also be included as this shows there's something to go on and advance for the project. ========================== 4. Create bounties. Create some gamification thing to reward bounties in AEON for people. Maybe something inspired on the TurtleCoin community where people have bounties everywhere to develop many random things. ========================== AEON Address: WmsKCfcB21peJcsGdc2bCV1dpUUpiUKqAhmPYLTyYfpEMtY3EPr7YEEKWRvWyVUvREhZ4wkGScMp8gR2caH4pQ8u1zXdpZ9JA

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