Aeon Sponsorship of World of Ether Etherian Eggs/Creatures Bounties

Posted on 2018-11-28 by BigSlim
Status: Disabled
Target: 17000.0 AEON

This proposal is disabled.


Aeon currently does not have much marketing. Sponsorship of Etherians with Aeon funding could gain un-noticed market visibility for the project

How much?

Currently, the minimum total sponsorship for World of Ether is $5000, paid in ETH. Their project only accepts ETH as payment as they pay bounties for hatching Etherians with Ether. 17000 Aeon is calculated with the current market value of $.30/Aeon plus conversion fees and gas to transfer as needed. If the market value of Aeon increases, this additional funding can be used to pay for additional bounties down the road. There can be MORE than $5000 sponsored, and community members can voice their input for this as needed. TX ID and transaction information will be provided for members seeking confirmation of funds sent and amounts.


Aeon would sponsor selected Etherians from the sponsor sheet provided by World of Ether ( These sponsorships would be fully marketed by the World of Ether project on all marketing and social channels including Twitter ( showing that the Aeon project has sponsored these. When players hatch these Etherians, the reward bounty would be paid in ETH to the player. The higher the bounty, the higher the difficulty of finding these, and more marketing would allow for more coverage of Aeon to this crowd. Here are some stats of the project and their audience: * 1,200+ players in beta. 3x more than any other live dapp. * Players are extremely familiar with blockchain. * Avg player spends $1,100. * Avg time playing beta 22min/day. * There are already rewards of thousands put on some of the monsters, many have been found

Personal suggestions for bounties would be one $4000 rare bounty and five $200 bounty creatures. The community can voice their opinions for what the bounties should be after funding is met.

Bounties are posted within 72hrs of receiving payment to the World of Ether project.


Milestone 1: Project moved to Funding status. Time: 2 weeks

Milestone 2: Funding received for $5000 of Aeon minimum bounty, conversion & Gas fees. Time: 1-2 months

Milestone 3: Community decision of bounties to fund Time: 1 week

Milestone 4: Payment for bounties and bounties released for users Time: 3 business days


Marketing of Aeon for not only the Gaming Marketplace but visibility to blockchain enthusiasts and possibly people unknown to the Aeon project and blockchain. This could lead to increased adoption of Aeon and use-case for the currency.

Why you?

I have been in contact with Edward Sturm from the World of Ether team in regards to collaboration with our two projects. They are enthusiastic to work together for funding of their project and marketing of ours to a user base that is already well involved in the crypto space. I will be in personal contact with them for marketing, payment, issues, and additional collaboration between our projects. I run the @AeonCommunity ( Medium and also @AeonCommunity ( Twitter accounts for additional marketing of these.

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camthegeek [admin] 2018-12-28 15:47
I like the idea of this. However, I think this is TOO big of a step for AEON. I think this sort of budget would be better spent on proper advertising and marketing materials (infographics, videos, etc.).
BigSlim [op] 2018-12-28 17:16
I noticed additionally that Aeon price has reduced quite substantially and that 17,000 aeon is not $5000 usd either
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420coupe 2018-11-29 21:54
You're asking to prefund a game release that may never make it to market. For me truthfully that sounds like a eth grab for me from their side. I think AEON can be better spent on other projects that have working PoC already. IE make a bounty to pay the Monero Outreach to do an article on AEON etc. These sound like more useful use of proceeds.
BigSlim [op] 2018-11-30 14:25
The game launched on ETH mainnet November 25.
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camthegeek [admin] 2019-02-08 22:32
Moved to status "Disabled".