vp11 2019-01-07 12:51
Although most (tech-savvy) people are against paying the listing fee for a coin, I do believe this is an important step to consolidate AEON's position on the market. Differently from the hundreds of ICOs out there, AEON is supposed to be used as money, as a currency, and no one wants a currency that's extremely volatile and that can be easily manipulated on price. Listing in more exchanges don't necessarily translate on higher liquidity, but it helps. Even if our sole focus is to make AEON "user-friendly" to both users and merchants, it would still barely be used because the liquidity to BTC is too small and there are just a couple of options to exchange it. Trade Satoshi is an alright exchange, based on Hong Kong (bonus points), they have an active Twitter account and a somewhat active reddit, with a volume that doesn't look very fake. My main problem with the proposal is not even with the proposal itself, it's the 1 BTC fee. In a bear market that's a considerable amount of money. So you'll need to find enough people to donate that money, considering that probably the tech-savvy won't donate because of principles and the AEON community is mostly formed by tech-savvy people. I might be completely wrong, though. All in all, I would donate for this proposal. I think liquidity is very important for a currency.

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