CrytpoBridge Exchange Listing

Posted on 2018-12-30 by BigSlim
Status: Disabled
Target: 19000.0 AEON

This proposal is disabled.


Aeon Liquidity Concerns

Aeon only listed on one DEX (Decentralized Exchange) BisQ

How much?

Total cost in Aeon - 19000 at time of AFS proposal (or equivalent to 1.5 BTC at time of funding) The exchange rate is given per current Bittrex exchange rate of Aeon/BTC.


This proposal is for the Community Funding of the listing fee for Aeon on CryptoBridge. Currently, on CryptoBridge the listing fee is 3 BTC for a new coin listing. I have negotiated a 1.5 BTC listing fee for Aeon due to the highly active community engagement in our project and social media liked by the CryptoBridge team. Developer funds are not used for Exchange or Merchant listing so this has to be done as a community funding, hence the AFS proposal for this. Cryptoridge is excited for Aeon integration into their platform since they have a large general community already that Aeon community members can join and participate in!

Once funds are received I will submit the listing application for CryptoBridge and supply all necessary TX ID and screenshots as available. I can accept BTC as payment to make it a smoother transaction if larger donations are given. Payment address will be provided if necessary.


Milestone 1 - Proposal approved: Time 1 month open

Milestone 2 - Funding received: Time 1 month open

Milestone 3 - Payment received in Aeon for proposal: 3 Business days

Milestone 4 - Payment converted to BTC: 1 Business day

Milestone 5 - Listing documents created and submitted: 1 Business day

Milestone 6 - Listing approved or denied: 14 Business days

Milestone 7 - Aeon liquidity , Proposal completed


Aeon Proposal funded and application Approved - Aeon is listed on CryptoBridge.

Aeon Proposal not funded - Aeon not listed on Cryptobridge and proposal is closed with funds returned to the general Community fund.

Aeon Proposal not approved - Proposal closed

Why you?

I am in contact with multiple exchanges and merchants/servicers for the Aeon Community. I am the current point of contact for Aeon related marketing/exchange/project integrations for the community.

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BigSlim [op] 2019-01-16 16:00
CryptoBridge is now asking 2.5BTC for listing fee as of today. Some notes I received from them about maintenance fee after they pre-approved our application and started formal listing process that are not listed upfront with the application process: * A fee is charged for every point release integration * A larger fee is charged for release integration of fork code * Coins will be delisted if there is minimal or no trading activity * Additional fees will incur if there are security hot fixes necessary Please take these into consideration before donating.
BigSlim [op] 2019-01-23 03:14
They informed us that they would honor the 1.5BTC listing fee only good until the end of this week (1_27_2018). In regards to maintenance fees: "Please note that forks or major code changes will incur additional fees. Non-consensus changing updates within a month of listing are free." I have not inquired on the amount these fees are. As for delisting they responded with this: "daily volume which is expected does not mean that you will get delisted asap if you don’t achieve it. But 0.25 BTC on average is small amount either way. If project is supported and community is active we don’t delist a coin."
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AeonAcker 2019-01-17 19:48
Well damn. Normally I'd be all over this because we need to be listed on more exchanges and I really like decentralized exchanges. Mind you, I'm not familiar with CryptoBridge at all... but listing fees plus point release fees and required minimum market volumes be met or face being delisting? I don't see anything decentralized about that :/ I'll do some research into CryptoBridge and report back here with my vote, but all those nickel-and-diming fees coupled with required minimums? That sounds very centralized to me. Them going back on their 1.5 BTC offer up to 2.5 BTC shows me what working with them would probably be like should we choose to fund this. I'll look more into CryptoBridge and post back here, but I'm leaning towards not pursuing them as an exchange now. It would be nice to know their exact terms of use (fees and whatnot.) They should be offering us guaranteed minimums and begging for security updates, not having us pay for point updates and threatening to kick us off the platform if we don't hit their trading volume requirements.
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camthegeek [admin] 2019-01-16 18:33
Make them honor the original listing fee they offered us. Fees for [pint releases even if it makes the coin more secure on their exchange? I think point releases are vital to any coin and should come at no cost for an update. This is making their daemon more stable and more secure. A huge frown to this. I guess they will be running outdated software until fork time. Delisting on low volume, even after paying their hefty listing fee? I could justify delisting when listing fee is less than 1 BTC. I have never heard of Cryptobridge until the spam they did on Discord with their reps. Overall, this gets a no from me. Other community members need to chime in on this.
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420coupe 2019-01-16 16:06
What are the minimal trading activity required to keep it from being delisted? This would have me concerned as our current daily volume is rather low.
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camthegeek [admin] 2019-02-04 12:49
Moved to status "Disabled".