Project Manager three month funding proposal Q1 2019

Posted on 2019-01-09 by BigSlim
Status: Completed

Target 10000.0 AEON
Funded 100.0 %
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10001.69 AEON Raised (1.69 AEON past goal!)

10001.666 AEON Paid out (0.024 in fees)

0 AEON Available to Payout

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This proposal is for funding me for the next three months with Project Management. This funding will go towards aiding in the growth of not only the Aeon Community but the project as a whole.

How much?

10,000 Aeon broken down as follows:

$25/hour for 10 hours a week and 40hrs/month of my time for a total of $3000. Converted to Aeon at average 1-week market price of $.30 (more than current price as of proposal) is 10,000 Aeon total.

If larger donors request alternate forms of payment, XMR, BTC, and LTC can be accepted and address will be provided. Nothing to hide here.


Aeon is currently in a rapid growth stage. 2019 is set to be another big year for the Aeon project and its community. The Aeon community has asked for Aeon to be listed on exchanges so I have started the process for listing on these exchanges. The Aeon community has asked for merchant adoption and services integration and we are working on this. I have been the contact point liaison for Aeon with most of these prospects. I would like to continue to lead the Aeon project as a Project Manager for 2019 and beyond working with developers, merchants, exchanges, and integration platforms. I would like to use my skillsets to help negotiate B2B integrations where available with additional guidance from the community as a whole. I would be assisting with developers to help integrate Aeon into as many platforms as possible. In addition, I would be working with marketing professionals and their expertise when available to broaden the social view and visibility of the Aeon project to all corners of the market. Funding for this proposal will help continue this effort of growth and integration for the first three months of 2019.

Additionally, this proposal funds a business mobile phone plan that has already been set up in December 2018 and used for Aeon only business purposes for a contact point with exchanges and merchant platforms as necessary. The plan consists of 3 months of $15/month smartphone mobile data/text/cellular service. The phone and plan were purchased with my own money outside this funding in December 2018. The funding will be used to cover the next $45 for 3 months of prepaid service plans.


Milestone 1: Funding Achieved. - Time period 1 month. Milestone payment 1: 100% upfront payment of 10000 Aeon

Milestone 2: Submitting 3 additional Exchange listing contracts (1 major and 2 mid/low volume) and if required, AFS proposals for exchange listing fees. Additional applications above 3 may be submitted. At no charge if community votes for specific exchanges. Please note that some, if not most, exchanges require some sort of payment for listing whether it be in form of upfront payment or payment for marketing with free listing. Listing on submitted exchanges is not guaranteed as some require fees paid upfront before applications are reviewed or listing will only be successful if a fee is paid.

Milestone 3: Basic marketing of Aeon and community through social media platforms. This will be done on all available social platforms such as Medium, Twitter, Telegram, etc. This is not paid promotion milestone. If B2B points of contact arise, I will create the necessary AFS proposals for paid promotion if the community decides this is an avenue of opportunity we want to pursue.

Milestone 4: As part of the marketing I will be doing social giveaways of Aeon using 10% of proposal funds, approximately $300 USD. These will include but not be limited to direct Aeon donations to community members for involvement in the community activities, product giveaways such as ledger nanoS, or donations to AFS proposals from other community members.

Milestone 5: Seeking out Aeon integration to web platforms such as but not limited to for broadening the audience of the Aeon project.

Milestone 6: Drafting a results document for the past 3 months of Aeon to be submitted to the community before additional funding requests for Project Manager.


Some of the possible outcomes from successful funding of this proposal are but not limited to:

  • Possible listing of Aeon on additional exchanges

  • Possible integration of Aeon into merchant platforms

  • Higher visibility of the Aeon project by not only the Crypto community but outside interests

  • Increased value add platforms such as multi-asset wallets

  • Organic growth of Aeon through community involvement

  • Value increase of Aeon as a currency

Why you?

I am dedicated to Aeon and the community. I have devoted almost all of my spare time outside my day job in the past 4 months to the Aeon project and community. I have pushed aside other tasks and projects to focus on organic community growth and involvement with Aeon because I believe in the project, its community, and its core code. I have been a part of the Aeon community since around August 2017 and stuck through the rough waters of the project rebase. I plan to stay with the community because of these values. I have past professional experience managing groups of 4-8 people in projects and daily tasks. I had a successful term as an elected position of President for an HOA for over 3 years. I enjoy the tasks of project growth and currently that is what Aeon is. I believe that the community consensus is that I am devoted to this project. I run the Medium blog for State of Aeon and other posts and the @AeonCommunity Twitter feed. I additionally do beta testing as needed and run two public nodes I personally fund. Alongside this, I have been working on mobile adoption of Aeon where possible as this goes to the roots of the project. I believe I would be best fit for the role of Project Manager and this AFS proposal would solidify me in this role for the funding period. I plan to hold almost all of the funding payment and only use what is needed to pay for funding related activities. Thank you for your time and consideration of this proposal.

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BigSlim [op] 2019-01-20 04:29
Donations met 100%! Very humble for all of the community support and their donations to this proposal. I am excited to help Aeon and it’s community grow in the coming months and years. Thank you to all who have supported me and continue to stand behind my efforts. Every bit counts.
camthegeek [admin] 2019-01-20 12:35
Very nice! I'll start payouts soon. We'll do a test amount first and then will push the to you. I'm going to assume transaction fees will be quite high. I'll try to get those covered. Make the community proud @BigSlim!
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camthegeek [admin] 2019-01-09 20:06
Many positive responses on the reddit thread. This has now been opened for funding. Best of luck to you @BigSlim!
BigSlim [op] 2019-01-11 02:17
Thanks @cam!
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BigSlim [op] 2019-01-09 13:49
Additional comments from reddit:
shigutso 2019-01-09 11:04
I agree that we need a Project Manager to kickstart more stuff for Aeon and you are a great person to do that. I can help with what I can, and hopefully a bag holder can help too.
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camthegeek [admin] 2019-01-21 12:44
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