Milestone 3: Successful Aeon FFS Operation for 3 Months

Posted on 2019-01-16 by camthegeek
Status: Completed

Target 250.0 AEON
Funded 100.0 %
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250.0 AEON Raised (0.0 AEON past goal!)

249.996 AEON Paid out (0.004 in fees)

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u/peanutsformonkeys announced a bounty on Reddit on August 30 2018 for a funding system to be developed specifically for AEON. See reference:

I, camthegeek, took up this bounty and introduced the system we are using today. This bounty has 4 milestones. See below:

Project 1: Aeon FFS Proof-of-Concept [Target: 250 AEON] (DONE)

Project 2: Aeon FFS Implementation Bounty Reward [Target: 1.000/750/500/250 AEON] (DONE)

* Project 3: Successful Aeon FFS Operation for 3 Months [Target: 250 AEON] (Overdue!)*

Project 4: Successful Aeon FFS Operation for 6 Months (2 months to go)

This proposal should be 100% funded by the person who started the bounty as stated in the bounty post. Milestone 4 will be funding 50% by community.

This proposal is to collect on milestone 3 of the bounty. Since the end of milestone 2, I have added in many new features to the funding system and sent many of these changes upstream to our good friends at Wownero. Without them, this system would not be completely possible.

Since launch, we have successfully funded one major project ( as well as several smaller projects/tasks using the funding system. We have several proposals currently seeking funding and approval.

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BigSlim 2019-01-20 04:30
100% funded! Great work Cam. Thank you to the contributor for this. I will support the 6month proposal when it hits!
camthegeek [op] [admin] 2019-01-20 12:31
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BigSlim 2019-01-17 01:25
get er done! Great work Cam! Glad to have you in the community for these projects!
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