camthegeek 2019-04-04 19:05
Thanks BigSlim for your efforts for the past 3 months! From your previous 3 months, I am not seeing anything significant that would require this high amount of funding. Unfortunately, I am not going to agree on funding this proposal. Highlights of your last 3 months: A bit of community involvement with give-a-ways. No exchange listings. No new merchants. No new ways to use AEON. Nothing worth a $3K USD investment. You have stated you have acted as a liaison between AEON and exchanges but nothing has happened other than the community not being interested in listed fees on exchanges where there seems to be a quite a bit of fake volume. The basic marketing piece: making posts of Medium is helpful and some of the posts on Twitter have been helpful. However, these are free to use tools in which anyone could operate. I thank you for doing this for a free and open source project but again, I do not think it is worth a $3K USD investment. A Twitter post takes 30 seconds to do. A blog takes maybe an hour or two to write. With two blog posts per month and a single post every day on Twitter, we're looking at maybe 8 hours per month spent. >this proposal funds a business mobile phone plan used for Aeon -> Google Voice is free and can tie in with your current phone with a separate number. There are other services similar to Google Voice which are also low cost and gives a dedicated number and other abilities without the need of a second device. Overall, I'm not convinced the outcome this round will be worth the investment based on the results of last rounds outcomes. Again, thank you for your efforts BigSlim.

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