french-vision 2019-04-10 12:17
camthegeek I agree with you but I think you are little hard ... I see more a 8 hours per weeks than per month. Difficult for him : example: exchanges refuse add Aeon but if exchanges agree will see more work and in reality is the same work for him. The more interesting job I see is : it's perfect is the origin for Aeon to be... but the presentation is bad ( marketing( video)) ( dream ) sorry for my English BigSlim 8500aeon is big for Aeon , 3000 dollars isn't it ( the problem when Aeon is too small) ; and between us is more than I have, difficult to come with the old community when the majority of Aeon is already distributive you have raison to ask some Ask Aeon. some contributors don't ask ( they have already a lot).. Also not answer : Bigslim Propose a free donation ... and show the account (it is possible with Aeon funding?)... thank you

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