BigSlim 2019-04-12 01:09
Merging EThash is probably one of the heaviest things you can do for Aeon in regards to speed, sync time, and lightweightness of the blockchain. That would be a step backwards along with allowing hundreds of Mh from gpu farms to overrun a small cap coin. Please explain how moving forward with K12 did not achieve community consensus? There were 2 weeks of solid discussion between all avenues of the community and even Smooth himself agreed that there was an overwhelming support for the change going forward. " in general we want to stabilize this portion of the protocol so there is not a need for mining-economics-driven forks" Yes, every project wants people to support it via mining, and with k12 you still will be able to even with CPU power. There are no known asics for k12 *right now* but there will be fpga bitstreams available and entry-level fpga miners will be around $200 usd and more advanced fpga are available for $3200-4500. All things aside mining wise, giving a week to fork a coin would be a disaster, especially if there is a minimal community effort to help move that process along.

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