AmorbiaCacoa 2019-06-01 10:07
It is a very interesting proposal, because Africa has a lot of potential to grow the crypto market. Smartphone penetration seems to increase (50% - 70% source ), but internet access is only available to around 42% of the population ( ). This seems to be a good place for a lightweight cryptocurrency like AEON to get into. However, I don't find the answer to the "Why" question very satisfying, there seems to be no specific reason why Uganda would need blockchain, specifically AEON as a "mobile money" solution. It seems people like their cash and don't even use mobile or credit card payments ( ). So, I have to agree with BigSlim. Translating the AEON files into one or more african languages would be a better starting point. I would also suggest to start with one country and organize meetings there. Uganda might be good for this, since you seem to have some connections there. See how it goes and report back to the community. This could also serve as some kind of measurement of success.

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