AEON Guerilla Marketing Initiative

Posted on 2019-06-02 by aeonaficionado
Status: Disabled
Target: 681.0 AEON

This proposal is disabled.


What problem(s) are you trying to solve?

The awareness of AEON amongst the general public is very low. I want the project to stand out and capture hearts and minds.

Graffiti can be an effective tool for marketing, catching people's attention on their way to work or when they're just out and about. It's not necessarily legal, but I think sometimes rules have to be broken to make the world a better place (just look at the Suffragettes). There are some graffiti walls where you can tag and it's not illegal, and I will do it there too (, but I want to cover the city as much as possible and I've already scoped out some good spots for AEON's exposure.

The legal spots will be a good starting point, as it will be risk free and I can perfect the designs here. Also, it will catch the attention of other graffiti artists/skateboarders/etc., who I see as part of our target demographic - these people are already sceptical of the system or near enough anarchists and introducing them to AEON would be a good thing.

I want to cover the city of London in AEON's symbol, some taglines like "privacy, security, untraceability", encourage people to visit websites with tags like "visit to secure your financial freedom!", and so on.

London has a population of about 7 million people. A number of these people are well-off and wealthy too.

How much?

What is the total cost in AEON? List expenses per item. Total hours of work and per hour rate. What exchange rates are you using?

My materials will be sourced from Chrome and Black: I need silver, blue and black spray paint, the colours that represent AEON. I already have a spray paint mask and gloves. I'm not sure how much I will need for my ambitious target of advertising AEON across London, but I would start with 15 cans of each color - which is 15 x £3.95 for 400ml black which is £59.25, 30 x £3.40 for 400ml blue & silver is £102, so about £160 for materials.

Works hours - to get some good spots, I think I will need a total of 30 hours of work - this is just travelling and tagging spots. I will do this during nighttime and tag more than one spot at a time. This is easy but risky work, so I ask for a rate of £10 per hour. So in total, I will ask for 681 AEON, based on the fact that £460 is $581 and the price of AEON is around $1 at the moment, and an extra 100 AEON for volatility.

If needed, I can dip into the 100 AEON volatility buffer and my hourly payment to secure more materials or alternatively set up another proposal for a small amount... if and only if the work is appreciated and more coverage is thought necessary/beneficial.


Describe your idea in detail.

Guerilla marketing campaign using AEON's colour scheme with graffiti to capture the attention of people here in one of the biggest cities in the world.

I will tag spots that have a high footfall to drum up interest in AEON. Make people stop and question what is AEON and get them eager to find out more. Art is an effective tool for this.

What will it look like visually?:

"visit to secure your financial freedom" / "" / "privacy, security, untraceability" or something like that.

I will also get creative, and take suggestions, for other ideas.


Break down tasks into different stages. Each stage should have the estimated number of days/weeks needed and cost per stage.

Milestone 1 - source materials from Chrome and Black (easy peasy, go there and buy the materials). I will take photos for proof of funds spent. 1 day. £160 = $202 = ~200 AEON.

Milestone 2 - scope out tagging spots. I won't reveal these locations until work is done but you can trust me they will be optimal locations. 1-2 weeks.

Milestone 3 - hit up tagging spots, share on social media. 4-5 weeks. Rest of funds paid out (481 AEON).


What will be delivered? What goals will be reached?

A guerilla marketing campaign that will increase the awareness and hopefully adoption of AEON. Advertising the project using taglines and graffiti art - considering the financial situations of councils and local gov., a decent number may remain untouched for a very long time and have a lasting impact.

Stock photos for AEON from real life settings.

My goal is to hit spots and do it frequently enough to get people asking, "what is this aeon all about?" Hopefully, if all goes well, there might be some media coverage, which will be a good outcome for return on investment in this campaign.

Why you?

What skills and experience do you have?

I have experience with graffiti art for 2 years and have a passion for AEON.

I am determined to get this work done for the benefit of the community and have a very good knowledge of the geography of London. I can select the best places to do this, and use the right materials to make it look professional.

I am not scared or worried about the status quo, I want to do something radical to help AEON's goals.

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BigSlim 2019-06-29 02:46
I think we should move this to funding status. I think this would be a good point of use for community funds.
BigSlim 2019-06-02 19:37
Thank you for your interest in Aeon! Do you have any current work or past work that we can see?!? This type of art is always interesting to view (we have some locally and it is a big deal to niche groups). For the colors, why did you chose silver and black? Are you able to get colors specific to Aeon's branding pack? Do you do any digital art?
aeonaficionado [op] 2019-06-02 21:45
Hello, first of all, apologies it seems like I got the colours of AEON wrong, but I purposefully said silver, black and blue because I think the contrast between these colours would work better - I plan to use a stencil to get the logo crisp and clean. However, I understand it is important to have continuity, so I can change the colours in my proposal. I am sure the shop I have in mind will have three shades of blue. Secondly, my graffiti work is mostly tagging so I'm a bit reluctant to share - there is a law in the UK where if you can put a tag to a name, the informant gets £500. Don't want to open myself up to a bounty. What I could do is, make a test one. One piece/tag with the official colours and one tag with the colours I suggested, take a picture, and upload to r/aeon so we can see how they both look. Just to show what I would be doing as well before I get funded. Finally, no I don't do any digital art, my only art interest is graffiti.
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yellowaiello 2019-06-02 16:06
I support this proposal.
camthegeek [admin] 2020-07-07 11:46
Moved to status "Disabled".