Translate Aeon Website Into Chinese

Posted on 2019-08-18 by xiaomogwai
Status: Completed

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Aeon would attract new Chinese users.

How much?

I normally get paid $30/hr. It took me 2 hours to translate the page. Is 80 Aeon fair?


What? ;D


2 hours to translate the website. Done.


Website will be readable to all peoples who can read simplified Chinese. I can translate into traditional characters too for Hong Kong peoples too. That'll take more time.

Why you?

I can fluently speak and write in Mandarin (simplified Chinese characters) and Cantonese (traditional Chinese characters), (and English ('Murican style)). Chinese does not translate directly as with other languages. You can try to Google translate, but Chinese speakers won't understand what you're saying. Also translating into cryptocurrency jargon requires some knowledge. I'm willing to make future changes to the website for free, as long as it isn't a whole whitepaper ><

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BigSlim 2019-08-27 03:37
Cryptozi 2019-08-18 05:30
Sounds great, be glad to contribute
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