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Posted on 2019-08-28 by camthegeek
Status: Completed

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This funding system pays out 100% of each proposal minus transaction fees. Therefore, this system does not generate any income what so ever to fund itself.

August 31st is when the current billing ends for the server and a new billing cycle begins. I am asking for a years worth of funding for the system including compensation for the domain which has already been renewed.

Keep in mind that the funding system is the current site you are on. The reddit and discord announcements are an entirely different system.

How much?

Funding system server: $10/month for 12 months Domain: $10/year

Simple math tells me I'm looking at $130 ($10 * 12 months + $10).

An additional 10% has been added to the requested amount to make up for any differences when selling the AEON to fund the system.


Another year of and a fully operational site. Announcement tools operate so as long as I pay my own bills :)


Due to this being related directly to the funding system, I do not see a reason to wait for community consensus and will be moving direct to funding.

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Mochi101 2019-08-29 14:48
25 AEON returned to the community on behalf or
BigSlim 2019-08-28 16:13
I think this should come from the community fund directly. I donated 10 that I had in tipbawt for the time being. Thanks for keeping this platform accessible for the aeon community.
Cryptozi 2019-09-02 17:33
I agree the community fund should be covering this
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420coupe 2019-08-28 16:04
I concur; will send some funds later tonight when i get in front of wallet.
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